Are you interested in Horticulture and enjoy being in the garden. Perhaps growing your own fruit and vegetables, have a love for flowers or even just care for our environment.

 Abilities Plus - Learning By Doing Group teaches the disadvantaged in our community with no age barriers and promotes diversity in learning for all.  We provide every assistance and guidance to all individual’s needs and requirements.

 Our learning program teaches Horticulture II combined with literacy and life skills. Ashmore Tafe is our Registered Training Officer. This program offers on the job training as the practical side and in the classroom for theory with several local open garden sites for training tours.

 Our class room is set overlooking a parkland area allowing us a very peaceful and safe atmosphere connecting with nature as we learn.

 Our learning program was put together to empower disadvantaged persons in our community to believe in themselves and develop self-esteem leading to a better futureproviding opportunities that sadly so many people do not receive in life and become lost and lonely and by giving people a chancethey become a valued member of our society and of great assistance.

 So if you would like to learn, work, make new friends and be a part of a team call

 Jen on 0418 784 266 or Lyn on 0409 645 888. 

 You will learn Certificate II in Horticulture and this class is over two years. 

Everyone is welcome so give us a call.